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FeedPress is the best solution to manage and track all your RSS feeds

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Our offers include tools to track and retain your subscribers.


FeedPress provides accurate and frequently updated analytics that bloggers and podcasters have come to trust. You can add as many blog or podcast feeds as you need and manage them all in one account.


Stay in touch with your subscribers by sending your latest news automatically. Fully customisable and free until 1,000 subscribers.


Easily publish 4 episodes per month, or 400MB of new monthly storage. Need more room to grow? No problem! You can upgrade your storage at any time.

Custom hostname

You can customize FeedPress to use your own domain name to retain your website's brand. All you need to do to get started is simply register your domain name via your hostname management page.

White label

FeedPress never appears in your feed and our attractive feed template includes your brand name and custom logo or podcast artwork.

Social Media Publishing

Automatically publish your new stories or podcasts to your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Buffer.

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